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Cumulus Consonance Study 1 by Scott Naismith

Cumulus Consonance Study 1 by Scott Naismith

❝ ethereal, adj. — You leaned your head into mine, and I leaned my head into yours. Dancing cheek to cheek. Revolving slowly, eyes closed, heartbeat measure, nature’s hum. It lasted the length of an old song, and then we stopped, kissed, and my heart stayed there, just like that. ❞

— David Levithan, The Lover’s Dictionary (via thatkindofwoman)

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Yesterday, I tried not to remember

I prefer the ordinary days. The ones that are “home,work,home” or something like that. On such days, one never has the moment to reflect, to recollect memories of days past and lives lived. That sort of thing is reserved for the special days, days that mean something-birthdays, holidays…On these days, the losses stare into eyes, the emptiness knocks against the walls of the lungs until it is a miracle that one can even take a breath. Its the out-of-ordinary days that bring with them a sense of finality, a reminder that life is fleeting, and our fingers are always one grasp too late.



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lenakz said: Stumbled upon your blog from following NavK's. Needless to say, you two are perfect for each other. Thanks for writing things worth reading.

Thank you for the kind words :)


Paris In The Rain

From Midnight In Paris (2011)

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Attended a friend’s wedding today; yes we coordinated outfit colours.

Attended a friend’s wedding today; yes we coordinated outfit colours.

❝ We meet ourselves time and again in a thousand disguises on the path of life. ❞

Carl Jung (via redy)

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Mughal shamsas (“suns”).

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Ever so often a memory comes to the fore of my thoughts. It was a day, two summers ago. Actually it might have been at the cusp of fall but these details are rather mundane. Naveed and I were sitting by the small pond that is tucked away in an enclave on my university’s grounds. The afternoon sun had cast its warmth about us and the rustle of the maple leaves punctuated the minutes. And suddenly we spotted a koi fish peek out from underneath a lily pad. It was the strangest thing because just the night before, I had dreamt of koi fish. In all honestly, I don’t quite know the link between the two things but at the moment it felt almost magical. As though it was a day when anything was possible. We never did see that fish again. I had named it Sunshine.

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I’m in love with this apartment.

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№ 17: best friends


№ 17: best friends

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